New Motor Vehicle Import Policies Announced

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) today announced several changes to the Motor Vehicle Import Policy effective immediately.

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According to JCA, motorcycles now require an Import Permit from the Trade Board Limited prior to the cycles being shipped to Jamaica. A C87 Entry is also required for all such imports with immediate effect.

Changes to the Motor Vehicle Policy have also stipulated that motor vehicle parts, such as pick up cabs, pick up beds and truck cabs now require permits from the Trade Board before importation.

JCA also stated that returning residents are now able to import motor vehicles up to 10 years old.

However, under normal circumstances, cars and motorcycles being imported should not exceed five years, while light commercial vehicles should not exceed six years.

The importation of damaged vehicles or vehicles that are considered to be in a salvaged state is prohibited irrespective of the extent of the damage, whether the damage was caused by natural disaster or whether the damage occurred when the vehicle was in transit, the agency explained.

The JCA added that all-terrain vehicles (ATVs); two wheeled, self –balancing, battery-powered electric vehicles (such as Segway PTs) also require Import Permits before shipment to Jamaica.

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