Number Portability Now Available in Jamaica

In a press release today, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell announced that effective 12:01 am, Monday, all systems are in place to facilitate number portability by individuals and businesses.


In this regard, both fixed-line and mobile telephone customers in Jamaica will be able to switch networks and retain their original numbers if they so desire.

The first port would become possible at 9:00 am on June 22, 2015.

The release said that the minister received the update en route to the island from official business in the Russian Federation and declared that “it is with a sense of relief and satisfaction that I have received official notification that the tedious process of facilitating number portability has been successfully completed and the Jamaican consumers can now change from one telecommunications service provider to another and retain his/her original number”.

He continued: “However, the greatest test is the successful implementation of each request and ultimately the satisfaction of the consumer. Like all new systems of this magnitude, there may be minor glitches, but our expectation is that if and when there is such an occurrence that this will be addressed expeditiously and at a minimal inconvenience to the consumer.”

The process of number portability in Jamaica gained momentum following the gazetting of the Telecommunications Act (Number Portability) Rules 2014, in December 2014 and the granting of a 10-year licence in March this year to Porting Access BV of The Netherlands to administer number portability services in Jamaica. Under the licence, Porting Access BV will operate, manage, coordinate, and maintain the number portability central reference database and an automated central order handling system, including related activities to facilitate number portability.

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