Opposition Team Unity Win St. Kitts Elections

St. Kitts and Nevis opposition coalition Team Unity which has been celebrating victory since Monday night has won the St. Kitts general election taking seven of the 11 seats that were up for grabs.


The Supervisor of Elections Wingrove George released the final results on the state-owned ZIZ radio and television, several hours after the process was brought to a halt.

He apologized for the length of time it took to release the results but said the Electoral Commission wanted to make sure it got it right.

The opposition group Team Unity, yesterday, appealed for “calm” after the state-owned radio and television station stated that there would be no more announcements of the election results of Monday’s general election.

“Let us be calm, you will duly expressed will have life and substance,” said Team Unity leader Dr. Timothy Harris in a radio broadcast.

“I have been advised that the Supervisor of Elections had made a statement which supposedly proposed to bring an end to further announcements, counts etc at this time and I will go on to say to the public, be clam.

“Clearly the public knew there has been a movement for change from the results that have been made available to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. Clearly what the supervisor is purporting to do cannot be done and will not be sanctioned by right thinking people in St. Kitts-Nevis.

The opposition party says it has won at least seven of the seats in the elections giving them control of the parliament.

Meanwhile former prime minister Dr. Kenndy Simmonds, has described it as “unprecedented”.

“What we are seeing here tonight is totally unprecedented” he said, adding “we are once again being made the laughing stock all over the Caribbean and the world”.

He said the island was made a laughing stock when the parliament refused to debate a motion of no confidence in the government for more than two years “and we are being made a laughing stock again when the supervisor of elections just decides not to give the public the results”.

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