Passenger From Liberia Visits Montego Bay

RJR News has been informed that a high level meeting is underway involving the Ministry of National Security and the Passport Immigration Citizenship Agency (PICA).


Immigration officials at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay were briefed early today after a man who travelled to Liberia in the last ten days arrived there yesterday.

The man is believed to be an American who travelled to Liberia then back to the US before coming to Jamaica.

It’s understood that when he told immigration officers that he visited Liberia, he was sent to the health desk at the airport and cleared to leave.

RJR News understands that his temperature was not taken and he was asked to complete a form before being given permission to enter the country.

On leaving the airport he went to a hotel. It’s understood that later in the day, the police went to the hotel and then detained the man who is scheduled to leave the island today.

Airport workers have reportedly expressed concern about the need for training on how to handle cases where persons arrive from Ebola hot spots.

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  1. Nelsa Mckenzie

    how them know that the people of Liberia have the Ebola an still having plane from that country coming here, i think that before the year to finish its going to come if Jamaica is going to act like how there are acting now…

    • There are no direct flights from Jamaica to anywhere on the African continent, and vice versa The man travelled to the U.S.A before going to Jamaica. Because of this, only by questioning travellers on the arrival on the island if they have been to the affected countries will they know.

  2. It’s about population control. This is deliberately being done. If the US becomes infested with Ebola where would you go? Home and if home is contaminated you have no choice but to stay where you are. Population control. Dafuq is going on in the world. And these weak ass politicians just sitting on their fat lazy ass.

  3. Bwoy if Jamaica can’t deal with the mosquito bite how will we deal with Ebola??

  4. If it come a jam me a fly back and take myy wife and kids to the hills