Plans Being Made To Search For Missing Glazer Plane

Arrangements are being made to carry out another search for the wreckage of a private plane that crashed north of Jamaica in September, killing New York couple, Larry and Jane Glazer.


It has emerged that the couple’s family will send a team to find the wreckage of the US registered plane. According to a source, the Glazer family has hired a US salvage company to conduct the search. Local authorities are said to be aware of the plan. The source added that talks are at a preliminary stage and involve various stakeholders. 

Last month, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board said the agency could not fully investigate what caused the accident until the wreckage of the plane is recovered.

On September 5, the Glazers left Rochester, New York, for  Naples, Florida. The plane later developed a problem and crashed near coastal waters in Portland. US Coast Guard officials assisted local police and the Jamaica Defence Force in conducting a search for the plane, however, the exercise was called off two days after.

LG2File Photo: Larry and Jane Glazer

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