Play My Song on Zip-FM or I Will Commit Suicide

Popular Jamaican radio station Zip103 FM today had to play the song of an individual who threatened to commit suicide if his song was not played on air by Zip-Jock Liquid.

Reports are that the individual (a male) climbed ZipFM’s very Tall Radio Pole and said he would jump if his song was not played by Liquid.

A few minutes later ZJ Liquid did in-fact play the song titled ‘Stress’, Liquid then added that nobody else should try this stunt as he would not be playing their song on air in this manner.

Would the man really jump? Was this just a publicity stunt? He said he was very desperate and needed a “buss” as he has kids to feed and needs Jamaica to hear his talent.

The man who goes by the name ‘Ikon D Link’ even went as far as to take a selfie when he was up on the pole and posted it to his Twitter Profile and titled it “On the tower ready fi dead fi wah me believe in a.”


The song that he wanted to be played can be seen in the Video above, it was apparently uploaded to YouTube Today August 12th by Road Block Filmsja. The song incidentally is also for sale on iTunes for US$0.99c.

Ikon Speaks about the Incident.

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  1. Him shudda jump…. song lame

  2. Recardo Hewitt

    Video lame to

  3. him lame too. so pathetic, you think a so artist life go? You at least need fi have some talent and know bout song writing…this yute want a box

  4. but a wah de pussyclaat a sell a John shop. lololololol. wi see wat
    start happen wen Jacans watch too much dam cable? him family wuda affi
    call maddens saaaametime

  5. Liquid got scared. This guy’s song does not appeal to me so I don’t know where his future lies in the music industry but truth be told I don’t have the skills to identify musical talent as I’m a mere consumer who will not buy this type of negative lyrics.

    At the same time, disk jockeys have a duty to bring back integrity to the profession as most people are of the opinion that you have to be able to buy your way on the air and that is not fair for people with talent and no money of a strong support system.

    I hope that the initial reason therefore was not because it was sidelined because he’s broke but more because it was not fitting, which if that is the case then it would still not be fitting as we now speak.


    dwl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very comedic… the lyrics are catchy as for talent… wont go there but hey most of us can relate to being stressed and broke; ain’t no time joke!!!

  7. terri-niche kinlock

    aw boy its a sad situation if u guy put urselves into his position.He spent money to push the song then they refuse to play it so he went to the extreme.He needs an agency to help him to know how to write lyrics so if any American company can help him that would be appreciated. Yall dont have to be so mean.He got guts and tht is a good start.

  8. Song lame video lame him lame….mi feel sorry fi him lolol poor ting

  9. kmt the money hime tek n do tht him shudda invest inna sum bag juice and banana chips i wud buy it… not bringing him down but stupid move