Price of Chicken To go up Come Friday June 1

Consumers will have to pay more for chicken meat come Friday, June 1. Jamaica Broilers have confirmed that the price of chicken meat will increase by about 4 %.

Vice-President of Marketing of Agricultural Supplies, Conley Salmon, says the price hike is due to increased operational costs, arising from government’s new tax measures.

Customers are likely to pay about $12 more for a whole chicken.

Mr. Salmon says, customers will also see an increase in the price of feed supplied by Jamaica Broilers, as well as other products.

He says the various stakeholders have been meeting with the Agriculture Minister, to discuss the impact of the increased GCT on the sector, in the hope of having the taxes rolled back. GCT is not applied to chicken meat.

Meanwhile, another chicken producer, Caribbean Broilers, says it cannot say yet whether the price of its chicken meat will go up this weekend.

Chief Financial Officer of CB Garth Channer, told Irie FM News, that the company anticipates a price increase. However, the level has not yet been determined.

Mr. Channer says CB is reviewing the new tax measures to be imposed by government, to see how they will impact the company.

He says there are some aspects of the tax measures that are unclear, and it’s hoped that these issues will be clarified within the next 2 days.

This would allow CB to calculate the level of impact and increase in price.

Source: IrieFM News

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