RJR Enters Subscriber TV Market

RJR will launch Internet subscriber TV to bolster its $300-million upgrade.


The media group will use over-the-top (OTT) technology to deliver content rather than a dedicated, managed IPTV network.

In other words, the owner of TVJ won’t have to build its own network to provide content to its viewers because OTT content is delivered over the open Internet, like YouTube or Netflix.

RJR has already entered into a deal with an “international company” to provide the technology, said the company’s managing director, Gary Allen, at the annual general meeting held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on Wednesday.

The project has been dubbed ‘TVJ Everywhere’.

On-demand content access will allow viewers to watch content whenever; ‘catch-up TV’ services will allow them to watch previous episodes of local and foreign shows; and ‘subscribe to view’ allows for global subscription for shows.

What’s more, the historical archive that will be offered will allow viewers to find content that is decades old.

Importantly, RJR will also offer slots for local marketers to advertise.

RJR group made a profit of $15.2 million during the three months to June 30, or $2 million more than year-earlier levels. The group invested in upgrading its network during its last financial year.

“RJR’s single biggest investment was in the country’s first full High Definition TV studio — TVJ’s Studio C — which enabled us to take over the lottery draws on TV, contributing much to our improved financial performance,”

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