Scrap Metal Trade May Resume by August

The government has indicated that the scrap metal trade could resume by August.

This is the clearest indication yet from the Portia Simpson-Miller administration of a resumption, since the trade was banned in late July last year.

Players in the scrap metal trade, have been quite vocal in their demands for a resumption, but on Thursday Commerce Minister Anthony Hylton disclosed that they’re not the only ones demanding a resumption.

He says since taking office he has been approached by some companies which publicly oppose the trade, but they generate scrap waste and want the government to allow them to export:

Despite that however Mr Hylton does not believe the answer lies in a ban as he believes the scrap metal industry is here to stay.

He says that system is in place and in the submission before Cabinet those who generate scrap will be allowed to export from their sites.

However for the non-industrial scrap, which the Commerce Minister identified as the area of greatest risk, the proposal is for a central site for exports.

Source: RJR News

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