TMP: She Won’t Cook or Clean

Dear Pastor,

Greetings to you. Thank God for your blessings. I am writing these few words seeking your advice. I am 40 years old and I am married. I am a very hardworking man. I work five days a week and sometimes six. I am having a problem with my wife.

My wife doesn’t cook or make lunch for me to take to work. Pastor, even when I am tired I have to cook my own dinner. She is a good mother, for sure, but that doesn’t really matter. She needs to take care of me.


I have been through so much with this woman. She betrayed me in so many ways. She does things behind my back and doesn’t tell me. She doesn’t work. Had it not been for my kids, I would leave.

I have this girl on the side that I love so much. She can do everything. She is clean and she can cook. She is hardworking and understanding, but sometimes she doesn’t understand me. I love her so much. We have been through a lot and we have been dating for two years. She respects me no matter what I have been through. She sticks by me. Sometimes, I talk to myself and say if I weren’t married, I would marry her.

What do you think of my wife? Is it that she doesn’t care for me or is it because she knows that I will cook and do things for myself?

Hardworking Married Man….

Dear Hardworking Married Man,

Your wife is doing her best. You are fooling around with another woman. Don’t you think that your wife knows about your girlfriend? You speak highly of her.

Evidently, your wife is very unhappy. Both of you need counselling. Why would your wife not cook for you? Something is wrong. She is not the only person to be blamed. Perhaps you have caused her to turn from you.

Your wife will not compete with your girlfriend. If you want a better relationship with your wife, end the relationship with your girlfriend.


Source: Jamaican Star

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