So Who Poisoned My Jamaican Dog?

My tears are flowing, for you my love be always growing, even though you are gone, to your memories I will forever hold on. Oh why oh why did Tuesday night of last week went so horribly wrong?

Though I can’t take back the past… I have no idea how to move on… There you were chasing behind the car as usual as I excited the gate, then out of nowhere she appeared… Now you’re gone and I’m in despair…

But your story must be told… Jamaicans need to know the truth.


I am a dog lover and I have been a dog owner since I was 6 years old. Many people fear dogs, others despise them but I have always just love them.

Fast-forward to twenty something years later (And you better not try guessing my age either…smile). Now I have my own home and I own two big dogs that double up both as my best friends and security.

As my dogs are not particularly friendly, I usually keep them in their kennels for most of the day time but I release them at nights so that they can conduct their security duty; they are also trained to stay in the yard.

One bad habit though that I couldn’t quiet break from my dogs was them running behind the car following me to the gate whenever I drive out. So what I usually do is whenever I would leave the house at nights, I would keep one chained and release the other.

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