St. James Residents Protest Death of Construction Worker

Tension remains high in sections of the western parish of St. James following an angry protest early Thursday by residents of Rosemount and at least six adjoining communities over the controversial death of construction worker Mario Deane, 31.


Deane succumbed to injuries from an alleged beating while in police custody.

Residents, some with placards, lit debris and used boulders and trees to block several major thoroughfares in and out of Rosemount.

According to a Gleaner report Deane was arrested on August 3 for a ganja spiff. It’s reported that arrangements were made to secure bail for him that same day.

However when a friend turned up at the Barnett Street Police Station, Deane made a comment, which reportedly irked a policewoman who was on duty. The bail process was reportedly halted and Deane was taken back to his cell.

However when the friend returned, he was told that Deane was hospitalised. There are conflicting stories as to how he ended up in hospital with broken bones and a swollen head.

Protestors claim was on his way to work at the time of his arrest.

“A promising young man in the community, he is now dead. What is going to happen? Are we going to get closure? We need justice, we are not going to stop demonstrating….” Said Grace Morgan, a resident of Rosemount in the parish.

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