Super Lotto Jackpot Reaches Over J$260 Million

Jamaican lottery game players will have the opportunity to win J$261.5 Million with the Supreme Ventures Super Lotto advertised jackpot for today, Tuesday, September 23, 2014.


Since the inception of Super Lotto, over 979,000 Jamaican players have won in excess of J$1 Billion. This year alone, 196,000 Jamaicans have benefited from winnings from the game, taking home over $81,000,000 in total.

An elated Sonia Davidson, Vice President of Group Corporate Communications at Supreme Ventures, remarked:

“Winning the Super Lotto is a life-changing experience. Currently there is over J$260 Million up for grabs, making it one of the largest Jackpots in Jamaica’s gaming history”. We implore all of Jamaica to participate in this Super Lotto Jackpot, as the winner will be receiving an incredible amount of money”.

“A jackpot of this magnitude will take you closer to any dream or goal that seemed unreachable before. Play for a chance now to become a Super Millionaire”. Davidson said.

Super Lotto is a multi-jurisdictional game that currently spans nine countries in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, and Paraguay. The Super Lotto game has paid out over J$4 Billion since it was launched.

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