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Movie Review: Destiny

‎I decided to check out Destiny staring Christopher Martin and Karian Sang on the movie’s Wednesday premier showing.  I had only heard about the movie last week on twitter. I went early because I knew for certain that Carib5 would be bursting at the seams with Jamaicans rushing out to support a local film. Lol. To no surprise there were ...

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New Jamaican Movie ‘Destiny’ Drops October 15

‘Destiny’ is an extraordinary tale of Jamaican love, family and music and it is being released in Jamaica on October 15th. See the ‘Destiny’ trailer below. Destiny Stars: Christopher Martin, Karian Sang and Kadeem Wilson. Making cameo appearances in Destiny are Spice, Cathy Levy, Ity (from the comedy duo Ity and Fancy Cat), veteran actor Munair Zacca and Kevoy Burton.

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