TMP: My Grandfather Caught Me Having Sex

Dear Pastor,: I am 17 years old and I have a problem. My boyfriend is 18 and he came to visit me while I was staying with my grandfather for the weekend. My grandfather went out and told me that he was coming back about 10:30 at night so I took the chance to have sex with my boyfriend. When I heard my grandfather coming it was too late for my boyfriend to put on his clothes and to run. Both of us were naked.


I did not want my grandfather to know that he was in the room with me. He stood up in a corner for my grandfather not to see him and I pulled the sheet over me but my grandfather saw him through the side mirror and shouted out, “Who that in the room with you, gal?” and he walked into the room and saw my boyfriend. My boyfriend had to beg him pardon and my grandfather told him to put on his clothes and leave his house.

Pastor, I am so ashamed. I have not been able to look at my grandfather’s face since that happened two weeks ago. When I told my grandfather that I was leaving he said, “Don’t leave, stay with me. I wouldn’t let you down by telling your mother.”


Dear N.S.,: You were wrong to invite your boyfriend to have sex with you in your grandfather’s house. I know some may say that you were taking a risk and you did not expect your grandfather to return home so soon. Well, if you believe in luck, your luck ran out. But your grandfather made you a promise that he wouldn’t tell your mother and I believe that he will keep his word. This might be the most embarrassing thing to have happened to you as a teenager. You will never forget it and this young man will never forget that your grandfather knew that he was having sex with you.

You thought your boyfriend was hiding in the corner but the mirror gave him away. In fact, the mirror gave both of you away. Grandfather was a wise man. He did not pick a fight with the young man, nor did he threaten him. He knew that you were the one who invited him to the house and agreed to go to bed with him. I hope that this young man will show gratitude to your grandfather. And I hope that you have begged your grandfather pardon for the mistake that you have made.

Now, put your mind and your efforts in your books and not in sex.


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