TMP: Pregnant & Pushed Aside

Dear Pastor,: I am 25, confused and don’t know what to do. I am pregnant for a man, who is not paying me any attention. He used to text me whenever he leaves for work and when he got to work. All of a sudden, he has stopped. Before he was working, I used to help him financially, but since he has started working I haven’t received a dollar from him – only empty promises.


He said he will be there for his child and would never leave me in the cold.

I am confused, pastor. I need your help. I think he is using me. Every time I call him, he is always busy. He hardly texts me in the days but is always online. I want to end the relationship but don’t know how to.


Dear Confused,: You didn’t give the age of this man but I am assuming he is a little older than you or in your age group. It is unfortunate you spent your money on him and were not more careful in the relationship. Now that he has got you pregnant, you don’t look attractive anymore so he is not eager to visit you. You need him but he is not a knowledgeable guy. He doesn’t realise you need moral support from him. Even more, you need his affection.

It is too early for you to be thinking about ending the relationship. Give him time. If he loves you, he will come to see you. If he doesn’t, and refuses to support his child, take him to court. He promised he would be there for his child. Let us hope he will keep his promise.


Source: Jamaican Star

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