Twin of Twins: Ching Pow – Far East Yardies

Ching Pow: Far East Yardies, is a comedy, which utilizes a remixed Kung-Fu film with the voices of Twin of Twins.


Based on the overwhelming demand for Ching Pow – Far East Yardies, Twin of Twins is promising that there will be a second Kingston run for the movie.

Ching Pow – Far East Yardies started showing on August 7 at the Theatre Place, located at 8 Haining Road, St Andrew, and ran until September 7.

Despite a full house for most of these nights, Twin of Twins’ Patrick Gaynor says there are many persons who are yet to see the movie.

“It’s been great, overwhelming. We have gotten great responses. Everybody really loves it. Twins are known to be different and entertaining in a different way,” Patrick said.

“The way the response is overwhelming, we will be back in Kingston. People had to be turned back on various nights because there were no more seats, and in some cases, people had to be standing,” he said, adding that the Theatre Place can only accommodate 350 persons for each showing.

While the movie continues to gain support, Patrick says Twin of Twins is still releasing songs, ‘Wah Gwaan’ and ‘Teef’ being the most recent.

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