UTech Guards Beat Alleged Gay Student

The University of Technology’s administration is currently locked in discussions following an incident last night where a male student was beaten by security guards.

The incident happened after the student was allegedly found in a compromising position with a male peer, upon which he was set upon by a mob, a UTech senior staff member confirmed.

Security officers brought the student to a small room by the entrance to the school where guards punched and slapped him several times.

** Update **

The security officers involved in last night’s beating of a male student at the University of Technology have been removed from duty, a senior member of Marksman Limited disclosed this morning.

Security-company Marksman is a part of ongoing meetings with the UTech administration to resolve the issue.

According to the Marksman official, statements are being collected from students and security personnel who were at the scene, and a joint statement with the University will be released soon.

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