ZJ Liquid Returns to the Airwaves

After months of being on suspension after he allegedly breached directives issued by the Broadcasting Commission, the discjock turned deejay/producer returned to his job at Zip 103 FM for his 2-6 p.m., Throwback Tuesdays slot.

While the popular personality was missing in action on radio, his absence was felt by his many fans who expressed themselves on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

In the Facebook group ‘Put ZJ Liquid back on air’ which was created after his suspension, comments read, ‘When will u be back on air???’ and ‘sooo missin u’ with Twitter posts being more of the same.

However, the face of the game changed yesterday, as several rejoiced upon his return.

‘Today should be marked as one of the greatest cause @zjliquid is back on air!’ read one tweet.

Others read: ‘We #BadSlaves We fight 4 our rights. We wouldn’t stop until we got back di boss @zjliquid & @teamdjliquid On Air. Yaayy!!!’ and ‘@zjliquid is back on the radio, whoot Whoot!!!!!!’

A press release from Team Liquid said among other things that ZJ Liquid is aware of his responsibility being a public figure and will aim to operate in a professional manner.

It read: ‘Following a long four-month suspension, Liquid is ready to bring back that #goodmusic by providing the unique Jamaican radio experience that he has been renowned for. The multi-winning Zip jock of the year thanks his fans, supporters, Team Liquid, Zip 103 FM and the Broadcasting Commission for giving him another opportunity to showcase his talent. Having been at Zip 103 FM since its inception in 2002, Liquid recognises his social responsibility as an entertainer, educator and ambassador for Jamaican radio and dancehall music and aspires to maintain the highest standard of professionalism moving forward’.

ZJ Liquid was suspended on two previous occasions in 2010. While not on radio, he was busy with his musical career with releases such as Beat Skinz and his more recent Who A Di Fada.

Source: Jamaican Star

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